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20th Century Boys - Live Action Trilogy

Official Site for Movie (in Japanese): 20th Century Boys
Directed by: Yukihiko Tsutsumi

If you haven't guessed, this is based off of Naoki Urasawa Manga by the same title. I have been reading the Manga and did a write up not too long ago on my Blog. If you have not picked up the Manga, you damn well better as this is a Exceptional Read! With over 20 million copies sold so fair, you can bet it is a Great Read. So far the first 3 volumes are out with the 4th coming out on 08/24.

One of the Movie Posters

I am glad to see that Viz Media also picked up the rights to the movie. I heard this was released in Japan as a 3 part series which I think is a great idea as there is way too much to cover in one movie. With VIZ picking up the rights, they have noted that there will be a release in the US (finally).

The first 2 chapters will be released later this year in the US with the final one being released at the same time it is in Japan (which I think is cool).

The Gang as Kids

As noted by SciFi Japan:

"20th Century Boys 1: Beginning of the End will continue playing at VIZ Cinema for the next week, followed by a week-long showing of the second chapter of the trilogy. As an unprecedented event in the Japanese film world, VIZ Cinema will host the world premiere of the third and final chapter of 20th Century Boys on August 28th, presented simultaneously with the national release in Japan."

Character Sheet Manga vs Movie

As noted by Seiji Horibuchi, President and CEO of VIZ Pictures:

“We are truly honored to announce the license for 20TH CENTURY BOYS features and look forward to premiering the films at our new VIZ Cinema later this summer.”

“20TH CENTURY BOYS was one of the biggest productions ever attempted in the Japanese movie industry and was created in-part to celebrate Nippon Television’s 55th Anniversary. Anticipation has risen steadily in Japan in the wake of the success of the first two films and since the upcoming release of the final film of the series was announced. We’re very excited to premiere the third and final film to U.S. audiences at VIZ Cinema the same day it debuts in Japan.”

Movie Trailer

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