Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yasumicon 2009

ARGH! Forgot to post this yesterday as I was busy with stupid stuff.

FREE ANIMECON > Yasumicon 2009

"Yasumicon, the convention for the fans and by the fans is back and remains FREE for anyone to attend. It will once again be held at the Florida International University, University Park Campus on July 11th and 12th for its seventh year! The theme this year is "Cyber Punk." So you can expect a lot of awesome music this year!"

They will have an Artist Alley (my favorite for my sketch book). Game Room, Dealers and Panels. They will also have a Con Comic by the handle of Aaron Pabon and a Rock Band
that specializes in video game music and much more out of NY called Arm Cannon.

It is about a 44 mile drive for me, so I may be heading down this weekend to see what is happening. I will have my sketch book in hand and a wish list as well. I will update everyone with what I get (if anything due to $$ being tight) later in the week.

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  1. I use to go to Yasumicon when I live in Miami. For a small anime con, it's ok.


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