Thursday, July 02, 2009

Basquash! Episode 6 Review

Previous episode: Dunk Masters team wins there first game which was against "The Worst". There were also some mysterious people watching from the Moon. Who are these people and what do they have in store for the future of Street Basketball?

Preview: We see the end of the game and the police trying to round everyone up.

We see that mysterious person watching from the Moon walking down the street. The city is busy celebrating last nights game. As it turns out the mystery guy is none other than James Loan - Hall of Famer in basketball. We cut back to the team bus and Dan crashed. He is depressed because the cops are everywhere now trying to catch them.

We will find Dunk Master

We cut the Sela doing her deliveries and daydreaming of the game and almost hitting the other mysterious person from the moon (Kid with Seagreen hair). Dan is running on the roofs trying to make a delivery while the cops are behind him. He then runs into the another Big Foot to whom he was making the delivery to. As it turns out, the delivery is a basketball and he is challenging him to a game.

Delivery made, now how about a game?

We see the challenger move extremely fast and seems Dunk Master has his hands full. We cut toe Haruka trying to get the police to listen, but no luck. She then decides to meet the Mayor to use her "secret technique" to persuade him to make Street basketball legal. But we see that James Loan is already there (blowing bubbles out of his pipe - wtf).

Cut the police stopping the challenge with Dunk Master. He is getting arrested, while the other opponent is signing autographs. He is Falcon Lightning of the BFB's (Big Foot Basketball) grand championship team Black Eagles.

Haruka talking with James in the Mayors Office
As it turns out, James has a fascination with spheres and round objects. He actually has names for Haruka's breasts (each one has a name). He came from the Moon to take over the Street basket ball and call it Open City Basketball (OCB). He makes an official announcement to the city for player to come for tryouts. It is a large crowd for the auditions.

We watch everyone trying out and see some of our team make it. It is a normal 1 on 1 "human" basketball tryout, no mechs.Things heat up when Falcon is setup to play against Dunk Master. No matter what Dunk Master does, Falcon can read his every step - not good!

What will you try now?

Then we see Iceman Hottie show up and throw his "Destroy" balls into the court. It seems that Iceman & Falcon have some history. Even after Dunk Master screws up a dunk, he gets a pass into the league with Iceman & Falcon. James tries to sign him up with a check with lots of zeros. but Dan rips it up. Then James has a crate of jewels dropped down that is to be used to pay off his debt.

Will this pay your $5.3 billion debt?

This is where Dan finds that the OCB is a shortcut to a passport to the Moon. It really is looking like James is trying to manipulate everyone. We see at the end that Princess Flora is practicing when someone in the dark is calling her name. Who is this and how do they know it is her in the boy disguise she uses?

To be Challenged

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