Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Evangelion Mousepad & Calculator

Here is another installment of cool gadgets. I have switched from Transformers to Neon Genesis Evangelion gadgets. There are a load of these as the anime is a big hit with everyone. Lets start by introducing some items that were easily found on Akihabara News.

This is a cool set for anyone's computer desktop. It is a mouse, mouse pad and calculator. Now these were only available in the Japanese market as of May 2009.

The mouse pad & Mouse are from the Third Angel Sachiel. I thought is was cool to have the "head" as the movable mouse and the mouse pad as the "body".

You even get a Neon Genesis Evangelion 01 Calculator that folds close for easy storage and transporting around town. Please note however that the calculator keys are in Japanese Kanji. So if you can not read it, it still makes a cool collectors item (even if plastic).

Personally I would get this for the Mouse & Pad and so much for the calculator.

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