Friday, July 24, 2009

Gungrave coming to Live Action

Convergence Entertainment has now acquired the rights on a franchise property that we all know > "Gungrave". These are the same guys that did King of Fighters movie.

This is a mobster story about 2 buddys that grewup, got into the mob and one buddy kills the other. Sounds same old, same old, except said dead buddy is brought back to life and goes on a kill/revenge shooting spree. Lots of action /gun fire and back story while this is all happening.

What started out as a Manga by Yasuhiro Nightow, then to 2 video games, a comic series by Dark Horse and then a full fledged anime. With all this success, a progression to a live action movie was just natural.

There is a budget of 30 to 35 million with production to start next year. It should be real interesting to see how they adapt this for the movie screen. I hope that most of the secondary charaters are still in it, but wondering what will be cut.

{ Sankaku Complex } via ( Variety } and { Screen Daily }

Video Game Screenshot

Darkhorse Comic Cover

Anime Screenshot

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