Thursday, July 23, 2009

Need more room in the display case - but how?

I was checking out a few blogs I review daily. One in particular had an issue that we have all run into ( Flying Pussyfoot }. It is how to we fit more figures in our displays than is available. Do you move them around, but while still keeping similar genre together. I am not luck enough to have a display case yet, but do have this issue on my shelves.

It got me thinking about my days in Retail and displaying products. We used acrylic stands to maximize available space. This also gave us a way to show more of the product in plan view for the buyer instead of behind another item.

You can find several places online that offer these products as well as eBay. Some of these are fairly inexpensive and simple while others were more elaborate and little more pricey. You can get simple U shaped risers, a step style riser or some more cool design. Just make sure you do not go for the ultra cheap thin acrylic as these are too light weight for most figures.

I have some pictured below for you to get some ideas.

What do you do when you run out of space?

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  1. I thought of those, they were EVERWHERE when I worked in the bookstore. But when I went to buy them for myself they were more then I was willing to pay. I ended up buying some blocks that I spray painted to the color I wanted and used those. These days my shelves aren't that deep so there is no need for me to use stands so that I can display more figures.


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