Thursday, July 30, 2009

Minisuka (Miniskirt) Police are Back!

They were a big hit in the 1990's and now there are 11 new recruits. They have released a new DVD, “Fukkatsu! Minisuka Porisu” and will again brighten late night TV. Their show will begin on Saturday (8/1) night shortly after midnight on Television Saitama TV (Teletama).

For a more public appearance, they will be at the HMV store near Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City next Sunday and at Tower Records in Shinjuku the next Sunday both at 1 pm. For those of you that are lucky enough to get there, hope you can take some shots and let us all in on the fun. Makes me want to be arrest now in Japan

Not too long ago, Yukiko Hachisuka (one of the girls) got groped on a train and it made the news!

Japan Today

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  1. glad they are back!


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