Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Shipment: Tandem Twin Dog Girl Annerose

Group: Tandem Twin
Name: Dog Girl Annerose
Manufacturer: Yamato
Sculptor: Yamazaki Kouichi
Scale: 1/6
For more information on the figure > Tsuki-board

Got a figure shipment in from Entertainment Earth that I had ordered a week ago. I had ordered this as I have the original Dog Girl Alma and wanted to get her sister Annerose which was done by Yamato. This figure was introduced in May of 2008 and was limited to 3000 made.

I loved the lighter outfit and darker skin of this figure over the original one. She also uses a Riding Crop instead of a Whip. There is also a set of orange tinted sunglasses while her Alma had a simple dark tinted sunglasses. Like Alma though, she does have the ability to be topless as the chest plate does come off. This is definitely for "mature" collectors.

Yamato Site description:
"Inspired by the German Shepard, this canine cutie is on patrol for all you naughty boys. So be on your best behavior... or face the business end of her riding crop. Standing over 11.5", Annerose is a fierce sight in form fitting body armor accented in spikes, with alternate visor for a touch of cool."

I have some shots of the box and of Annerose. I plan to have a more detailed shoot with her later this week depending on time.

Front of Box

Back of Box
Front of Annerose
Back of Annerose

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