Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Otakai Figure Society

I have joined another cool Figure site for collecting figurines. As noted by the title, it is called Otakai Figure Society.

This is another site where figure collectors can meet to discuss figures and even sell or purchase from fellow collectors. I usually drop by every so often during the week to see what is going on and to see if anything is for sale that I want. I like the way you can see the newest figure posts so I usually get a quick look at what is coming out soon.

If you have the time, stop by for a look and join if you want to stay longer!

Site Screen Shot

BTW: Sorry for the short post, but we started the Lean version of P90X last night and I am bushed. OMFG - I could not get past the first 25 minutes before my body went down. Hell, the warm up almost took me out. This shit is not for the faint at heart and my fat arse needs to get moving.

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