Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Revoltech: Queens Blade Part Duo

Have to start with a shout out to Yakumo for the post on this. I wanted to get this added to my other QB post of Revoltech figures.

There are 2 more figures coming to us this year hopefully. They have Revoltech QB-004 ~ Nanael and QB-005 ~ Melona. I have some color shots of Nanael, but only the casting of Melona. Looks like more money I will have to save.

What I did notice was that Nanael goes full nude from what I can see by the posted photos. I wonder if Melona will pan out the same way. I am also keen to see what accessories Melona will have when they finish the production of her as well.

Nanael (QB-004)

Melona (QB-005)

I am looking forward to seeing Menace in this line hopefully. Are there any of the other Queens Blade girls you are looking to see in the Revoltech lineup?

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  1. Complete nudity for Nanael?! The Queen's Blade line for Revoltech is surely more daring than I'd thought, perhaps even more than normal PVC figures o_o;;


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