Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sexy Saturdays

Who: Yukiko Hachisuka
Birthday: 1986-February-14

Blood Type: 0
Info: J-Idol Pin-up Girl and member of the pop group Minisuka Police

Yukiko is know as being part of the Minisuka Police (Mini Skirt Police). A group of sexy ladies in latex police uniforms. She has also done Honey Snow, a 60 minute DVD as well.

Blog: Honey Garden which is locating soon to (site in Japanese)

She was in the news recently as some pervert decided to grope her on a train. The dude groped her for 10 minutes. The guy had some balls to continue to do that for that long. Yukiko got smart and waited until the train stopped, grabbed his arm and held him for the police to take away. Goes to show you that she is not only sexy, but smart.

Article Link: Japan Today

Here are some shots of her for your enjoyment:

Minisuka Police shots

Honey Snow DVD Cover

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