Friday, July 17, 2009

Local Sushi

There is a Chinese and Sushi place near us that we just love to go to when we need some dinner. I finally went out to get some dinner across the road from them last night. I usually stop at the Chinese place for my wife and place an order for her. She wanted a Large Vegetable Rice, Spring Rolls and Garlic Honey Chicken. Then I go to the Sushi place a couple stores down to place my order.

Now is where I get to have fun. The other place - Kirin Sushi, has some of the freshest and largest Sushi I have ever had. They are a neighborhood place with a couple tables and a counter to eat inside. But I always bring it home to eat, relax and watch the boob tube.

These are easily the size of silver dollar coin or bigger. They know what I want, which is always the Deluxe Spicy Tuna and the Coral Spring Roll. Sometimes I get the Spinach Crab soup, but not today. I actually mix the eel and soy sauces together to get a nice texture and flavor.

Deluxe Spicy Tuna Roll: Spicy Tuna, spicy Crab, jalapeno, tempura flake, I/O sesame seed, avocado on top

Coral Spring Roll: Crab mix, spicy mayo, shrimp tempura, avocado, I/O sesame seed and fish eggs on top

I have a couple shots below for your drooling enjoyment:

In Packaging

Out on the Plate w/Sake

What is your favorite sushi and/or place to eat at sushi at?

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