Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wacky Stuff from Japan, vol 4

Here is another installment of my Wacky and Fun Stuff from Japan. I know these may not all be "wacky", but what the heck, not something you will see here in the US.

As always, lets start off with the food section of the Blog. How about a herb flavored soda (not that herb you freak!)? It seems that both Coke and Pepsi jumped on this band wagon with some releases recently. Coke came out with a Green Tea flavor and Pepsi came out with a Basil flavored soda. Not sure how these taste, but if anyone has, please let me know.

Flavored Sodas

When your toys become a reality, you really need to step back to appreciate it.This was started in 1998 by a 60 year old Japanese man by the name of Takahashi. This 15 ton robot which was named Kabutom MX-03 is an eleven meter long monster. It even comes with a control panel and can even be remote controlled by the driver. If fully reminds me of a Zoid from the Anime. The video is in Japanese, but like noted, a picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy.

Beetle Robot Car

Can I get that 3D Oppai Mouse Pads super-sized so I can lay on it? Well, sure you can and thank you for asking. This is a boob pillow for the PC dating sim Da Capo II. There are actually 2 version of this and you can check them both out at Broccoli's site. Seems to be a great item for those of us that are tired at the office. Would love to see my Human Resources reaction if they saw me napping on this "pillow".

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