Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blog Highlight:

So as not to offend anyone with what blog I would highlighted first, I decided to start at the top of my Blog Roll list. That turns out to be

This was one of the earliest sites I used to check out and one that has changed over time. At first I was a bit confused by how busy the front page was. I got lost quickly on what was there. It was like when you walk into a new store with all your favorite stuff and you get overwhelmed by everything. But after I was able to take it all in, it was a treasure trove of information.

He updates this site several time a day with interesting items and some crazy news of the day. He has a great little colorful sub menu that sends you directly to some of the topics you may be most interested in. They are gravure x idol, groovin jtunes, japan, oishii and otaku. I am not sure how he keeps up with everything, but I appreciate it all. It was actually his site that introduced me to the gravure idols to begin with.

I am currently enjoying Nendo's Travelogue which offers incite to Singapore and everything it has to offer through the eyes of his Nendoroids - quite comical!

Not only can you catch him here, but also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Flickr


  1. I am honestly rather impressed that one person can update as frequently as this guy

  2. Updating that often is nuts...but nuts in the good way.

  3. This was one of the first site i went too as well, I was happy to snag a slot in his links section. His number of updates per day is quite impressive!

    -Japan Cinema


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