Saturday, August 22, 2009

Noriko Kijima

Who: Noriko Kijima
Birthday: 1988-March-22
Blood Type: O
Measurements: B81 / W56 / H84
Info: Gravure Idol, Model and Actress
Her Blog (in Japanese)

At the age of 19, she was the 2005 Seikore competion winner. This was one of the stepping stones to help her become a Gravure / J-Idol. Noriko also played Yoshie in Machine Gun Girl (2008) and Shyness Machine Girl (2009). In the Shyness Machine Girl movie, she played the Lead Role this time around. She has also done numerous DVD J-Idol releases.

Shyness Machine Girl

J-Idol Shots



  1. She's got a gatling gun sticking out of her ass?

  2. DO NOT - I repeat DO NOT try to sneak up behind her.

  3. I feel raped by that good morning vid -__-


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