Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Highlight: Animatic Figmation

To continue to what is next on my Blog Roll, lets stop over at Animatic Figmation.

The site mostly has reviews and photo ops of figures. I liked the way they do their reviews of figures because it was not just some random words and photos. They actually took the time to write some interesting stuff along with unique angle shots of the figures. This alone makes it worth the stop over to see.

They have an interesting banner on the right that shows a live feed of where people came from and where they exited on the site. Shows the country they came in from as well - looks cool to see who and where people visit from. I was also amazed as to the enormously long list on their Blogroll.

What really caught my eye was when they did a photo shoot titled Nendos After A Hail Storm . It was quite whimsical and I like the way the whole this was done. I could stop laughing at the looks on the Nendos faces - classic.

You can also check out their photos on Flickr or check out the figure collection over at Tsuki-board.


  1. If memory serves me right, Animatic Figmation was one of the first blogs I had on my blogroll. But yeah, its good stuff. Riana doesn't post quite as often as she used to though =(

  2. Animatic Figmation was one of the first blogs I had on my blogroll too. His comments on my blog caught my eye and I visit often now.

  3. I have been following animaticfigmation for a while and I really like tge blog.


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