Monday, August 31, 2009

My First Rant

Here is my first Rant ~ as far as my old feeble mind can thing of anyway

As most of you know, I am selling most of my figure collection due to financial issues. I have the figures priced at around 50% off what is being offered retail (some even below that). At these prices, I figured it would be an easy sale and everyone would get what they are looking for at prices that needed No Negotiation. >LOL - was I wrong on so many levels< If I was offering these at near Retail pricing, then I would in all cases negotiate the price with you. I am estimating shipping as close a possible to what it will cost me. If shipping was cheaper than I figured, I have actually refunded back money to those that purchased the figures.

As an example, I have Queen's Gate Iroha at $30 USD - my actual photo below. The best price I ever saw was at $59.99 (which was on back order anyway) and that did not including shipping. If I quoted you a price of lets say $36 (which includes shipping), would you still ask if you could have it for $35? I can understand as a buyer to asking the seller if they would take the price down. If you can save another buck, then why not ask. However, would you be upset if I said it was $36 firm knowing that you were getting a great deal either way?

I am looking at this from the perspective that I paid well above the price I am asking. I am not a dealer, but a private collector so I do not get any great discounts on the items or shipping. I am offering these at prices that are crazy and will not be found anywhere that I am aware of. Maybe on eBay, but they jack up the shipping costs to compensate for that. I am also eating the cost of PayPal transaction and not adding that into the pricing at all.

Please chime in as I want to know if I seem a bit of an ARSE because I kept the pricing firm with the quoted total pricing with shipping?

That's it for now, I went off the track there, but needed to get this off my chest. What should of been an easy and enjoyable selling experience has left me drained. Thank you for "listening" to my ranting.

If you are interested in my stuff for sale (LOL> who would be after this little tyrant), here are the links anyway:

Hobby Fanatics Part 1
Hobby Fanatics Part 2

BTW: If anyone is interested in the Princess AI figures (7" and 12") dolls by Bleeding Goth, let me know. I am selling the sets at ridiculously low pricing as well.


  1. nothing wrong with keeping prices firm when you're already offering them for half price or so. kinda tempted to buy something

  2. Two things:

    1. You're not crazy at all. I get that people always try to get a better deal, but they ask, you say no, and you move on. I think staying firm is the way to go.

    2. Do you have pictures of the Manga-death statue? Cause I might be interested.
    (And any shots of the Princess AI figures?)

  3. LOL people always ask ridiculous prices, If I sell on eBay I find I get less of them, but of course eBay takes their fee share of the sale. But there are still people that message me with ridiculous requests even on eBay though. I usually get the most ridiculous requests on my hottest items right before they really spike in price. I think the buyers are hoping that the seller is either very desperate or ignorant of what their item will sell for if the auctions is allowed to go to the end. I usually write out my first response and realize that it sounds too sarcastic and the re-write the response to be straight forward and short. Something like "nope I'm not willing to sell for under $35".

  4. @Guy - I can send you the shots when I get home from work tonight. I will take the death statue out as well as I only have a shot of the box.

  5. You got some good prices there! People just always expect to get the things they want for whatever works out best for them.

    Unfortunately there's isn't anything that I am interested in buying but if there was I totally would.


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