Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekly Lineup for my Blog

I was thinking of this a couple months ago and wanted to give it a review by you all in the Blog-o-Sphere. It is fun, but sometime daunting to write a blog each day. It has been a blast, but know I missed a day or two this past couple of weeks - argh.

I came up with a idea to do a theme for each day to blog about. Not sure if this will work, but wanted to keep it fresh. This will give me some direction to draw upon what I will write about and still be active in the blog community. I figured if I can make it to 100 blogs, then I can keep the momentum going.

Here is my listings by day:

Coffee Monday - Pickup anything news worthy from the weekend in Japan
Movie Release Tuesday – Movie releases today in relation to anime or Japanese movie's in the US
Wacky Wednesday – review weird stuff out of Japan
Figure Thursday – do a review of figure(s) I want or have
Anime Friday – review an anime series – watch the first 3 episodes of each at a minimum
Sexy Saturday – review a sexy pinup girl from Japan with a photo spread of them
Somebody Sunday – Write about a blog I visited or have on my Blog Roll

What are your thoughts or other suggestions on what I should blog about. Leave me a comment on how you pick your subjects for your Blog.


  1. I actually have started using themes on my blog (for a while now), but the themes are pretty general and since i miss a lot of posts it would still be pretty damn hard to figure it out.

  2. I look forward to Thursdays and Fridays in particular :) I like the line up. Will make sure to visit every day ;)

  3. Hmm, Friday and the weekend looks like a fun ride. I'll be looking forward to it >=D

  4. Saturday, saturday. Why no one say they are not looking forward for that?

    Anyway, would you like to do a link/blogroll exchange with me? I have been reading your side through lovelyduckie's site. My banner is at Please email me richard at openhappy dot com. Thx.

  5. Suggestion, if you do make a post every day, have your front page show 7 posts, not 4. So when people come, they can see one of each day's posts, and when you make a new post, last week's post for that will fall off the main page.

    Are there enough movies/anime released in the states on a regular enough basis for Tuesday?

  6. @Guy, so far there seems to be enough from what I looked at so far for the next 3 weeks.

  7. I would suggest to go with the flow and try each theme out and see what suits u best.
    In most circumstances, keeping a regular schedule is hard because things do come up in real life.


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