Friday, August 21, 2009

Reviewing Process

I want to thank everyone for their comments on the last blog. I will do the reviews as noted, but wanted to get the ground rules laid out for the grading scale. I may also mix it up on Friday with Anime or Manga depending on what I have done that week.

A ~ I LOVED IT so damn much that it is a keeper for ever and ever. If you don't have this in your collection you are a poor misguided soul and you better get it or have it on your wish list immediately.

B ~ I LIKED IT ALOT and you should take the time to check it out yourself. I will in all probability have this in my collection now or quite soon.

C ~ IT WAS SO-SO and it can go either way depending on my mood at the time.As my Wife would say - Blah, Blah, Blah.

D ~ WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT and why did I watch this - oh that's right, because I had to for a friend or family member because THEY wanted to see it.

~ SOMEONE PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY as I have no idea WTF possessed me to even mention this on my blog. If you have this or even like this, you need mental help and I mean that most sincerely.

My grading scale as designated by me for your reading and viewing pleasure - LOL

First Review will be Darker Than Black


  1. I've been debating watching this series! I saw the first episode but was unsure about watching more. I look forward to this!

  2. so E would kinda be like a sword for truth?


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