Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog Highlight: Anime MMORPG

I am not a gamer by any standards, but I know that there are many people that are. I wanted to have a good selection on my Blog Roll that included something for everyone. I still visit these sites as my son and wife are avid Wii players (especially Mario Cart).

With that said, I do like how this was setup. It is clean and precise gaming review site. It has a small pic of the game, a brief description, site links for the game and sometimes a video ad for it as well. The ads are not intrusive either as more of a recommendation for things you may like. There is also a link under Games List that gives you some freebie anime MMORPG games you can play online.

If you have a few minutes to burn, the drop over and check the Games.


  1. To be honest, I think my opinion on anime mmorpg was soured by the fact that its author basically went around every blog asking for a link exchange without at least reading some of each blog's posts -_-;

  2. Interesting.

    And to go on by what Snark said, I was a bit bemused by the blogroll, most blogs seem somewhat unrelated, and the blogroll is not organized by any standard. Not even alphabetical order!

  3. @Snark - yea, he did come over and ask everyone. I figured I started off small and wanted to give back to the community.

    @Guy - at least mine is in alphabetical :)

  4. Heh.

    I can deal with non-Alphabetical, when it is like Gunstray's, and how Snark changed his to: By the most recently updated.

    Otherwise, that's just a mess.


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