Monday, September 28, 2009

Hobby Link Japan - free shipping ending

For those of you keeping tabs on the time - you have until 10:59am est TODAY before the free shipping ends for those paying by PayPal. I am still debating jumping in on this before the time expires myself. I have been looking for a couple of Queen's Blade items that I want to get along with some art books.

I did pretty good on my eBay sales this weekend and have a few extra bucks to play with. Here is what I am looking to get:
  • Groundwork Gurren Lagann #1 > $32.56

  • Excellent Model Ltd Queen's Blade Rebellion Yuit & Vante w/Yuit Figure > $62.02

I know it is not much, but I may pick up some of the Queen's Blade cards too. I figure since the shipping will be refunded, it may be a good buy.

Have you got an order in as yet - if so, what did you buy?

UPDATE: Got permission from my wife to go ahead and make the purchase :)


  1. Trying to cut back so I didn't even look at the sale. These are the situations where I buy a figure I really don't love that much but only because it's affordable. ALTHOUGH I'm real happy I bought the Toyworks Belldandy when it was on sale a few months ago, that was an exception. That was one I coudn't justify the full MSRP for but I stil yearned for! So it being on sale was GREAT!

  2. @lovelyduckie > I really had to decide if this was something I really wanted. I lost a chance at the Groundworks book and was glad to get it now.
    As for the Queen Blade set, I had seen it and figured it would be a good by with a book and figure included. I have seen this one going for as much as $98 not including shipping.

  3. I'm late to the dance since I just found your blog, but I got Jun Planning's Louise from the HLJ free shipping sale ... the figure was already on sale, so it was only 2600 total :)

    Louise ~


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