Thursday, September 03, 2009

Figure Variants - Worth the Time?

When you collect your favorite characters or series figures, do you also get all the variants?

I am a Completist myself. So depending on the figure, I will try to get all the varianties. This can become quite expensive as sometimes there is more that one variant. Take a look at Echidna below which has several variants. While others like the Ikkitousen Great Guardians only have 2 that I am aware of currently.

This is not a cheap option as these can range from $20 to several Hundred dollars depending on the figure. Some, like the Queen's Blade mini bust figures are not that bad. If you get a case, you get all the different variants in one shot. But then you have the Con special sets which now means you do not have all the variants - ARG!

What I do find funny is how sometimes the variants have a better or more colorful paint job than the original did. You never know until months after the original is released if there will be a variant. Now if you do come out with a variant, I would hope that besides color change, they may add a different weapon or something.

Here are some figures to give you and idea of originals and variant figures. I know there are a ton more out their, but these were some that interested me the most.


Chouhi Ekitoku

Kanu Unchou

Chouun Shiryu

Pictures "borrowed" from the Manufacturers of these figures & Tsuki-board


  1. I like Chouun with the blue armor better. Anything with sapphire armor looks magnificent to me. :)

    ...and never thought Echidna looks sexier in red. But her blue skin looks really weird. XD

    I'm a completist too but sometimes, I try my best to condition myself that original colors are better. Eventually, my resistance against the so-called 2P Variants of Queen's Blade Revoltech is weakening. Ah, Had I only have a way to obtain them, I wouldn't be refusing them. XD

  2. I usually pick one of the two variants, I think I've only bought both variants of the same figure once. The white and noir Clalaclan's.

  3. I don't buy many fixed pose figures, so thankfully I don't have to worry about variants much.

    I did however buy the overpriced white recolour of the Revoltech Optimus Prime though... -_-


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