Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What the? & Link Exchanges

This Blog has been left intentional blank

What the F**** does that mean?

I am open to add anyone who I haven't already to my Blog Roll. I feel kind of small with a lot of the other Blogs Rolls being "HUGE" - my ego is not doing well - LMAO

I am also swapping out a name link with a banner link as well. In case you want to do a banner swap, please let me know. Here is my banner link for you to add to your site -


  1. Awesome, thanks for the hook up, swing on by the site, I added a banner for you. I couldn't use the exact one you wanted due to size but i think I retained the integrity. Happy linking!

  2. @japancinema - that works :)

    @Mr. Black
    First part was just for fun as I keep seeing the verbiage left on pages in books and on statements.

    Links Stuff >
    1. If I have not added you to my Blog Roll, then let me know and I will do that.
    2. If you have a small banner (like under by Banner Trade) let me know so I can add it to mine as well.

  3. Added you to my My favroite sites list a long time ago =). If you want to add me to your blog roll that would be cool ^_^

  4. I notice I've already been on your blogroll for a while; for which I thank you. And if you're wondering, I've already reciprocated ;)

  5. Added u to my blogroll.
    I forgot u already added me a while ago. ^^


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