Saturday, September 12, 2009

Race Queens

I have heard of Race Queens when I was checking out some of the Gravure Girls. I decided to take a better dive into this realm as we do not have this here that I have seen (not to this extreme). I have seen the Car Show Girls, but have note noted anything that NASCAR has doe like this. It is interesting how they even use the girls leggings to advertise as well. Might be nice as it could be a cold day and it is not like the girls have much on.

I guess NASCAR could increase attendance if the have a few Race Queens of their own. Here are some of the shots that I took special interest in and I also have the source links for where I picked them up. Trust me, they have many more than I have shown below - WOW !

C U Later

Sources: Dennis Woo | Takumi Photos


  1. I have to ask, why the umbrella?

  2. If anything like S Florida - to keep the sun off their fair completion or in case of rain

  3. I never understood the whole race queen thing. For a long time, I thought it was like a title for women who race cars but to find out they are nothing but glorified cheerleaders, it was somewhat of a disappointment.


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