Friday, September 11, 2009

Review: Heroic Age

I am not sure what attracted me to this movie. I thought that there was too much hype over it a Anime Network. I decided to get past that and take a look. I am glad I did and have enjoyed the first 5 episodes so far.

You have the Golden Race that are more or less the Gods in the movie. They create everything and asked for people to go out and explore the universe. You have the Silver Race (royality - high and mighty types), the Bronze Race (Bugs) and the Heroic Race (extremely powerful beings) that answered their call. Just when they were about to move on, another group called out - humanity and they became known as the Iron Race.

We find that the Silver Tribe makes the Bronze Tribe their slaves and go and attack Earth. Of course the Iron tribe was no match and got booted off the planet. There is a legend of a person that will help the Iron Tribe to regain Earth as their home and thus a search begins.

With the help of Princess Dhianeila whom is psychic, they find a young boy named Age on a distant planet all by himself (well he has a Giant Sand Squid Friend and a Ships computer). They are hoping that he is the child of Legend, but no one is certain. While they are investigating, they are attacked by a Bronze Race's Hive. This is where they discover the true nature of our young man. Age transforms into Bellcross (a huge organic robot) and protects everyone. You want to talk about an arse kicking - take you out back and make you his bitch - robot.

Side note: There is usually a big fight scene with Bellcross in each episode

Age goes with them and causes massive havoc as he is so "uncivilized". He unwittingly becomes at odds with Iolaus (robot pilot) as he is in love with the Princess, but cannot get as close as Age has been. You do get to see Age mature as each episode and interaction brings him more into line with those around him. Remember however that there is a wild child in there and he will show that as the situation dictates. We also find there are 12 Labors (laws) that the Iron Tribe must live by. As you can see there is a lot of Mythology thrown into this anime.

For more details - here is a link to Wiki.

My Comments:


Besides that, I think the story line does very well. The theology/mythology does not over power the anime that I have seen so far. It is funny that the title is actually naming main character (i.e."Heroic" - the type of Race "Age" is from) while also seeming to name the period of time. You find more out about the Heroic Race in episode 4 to 5 as there are four others in Age's Race.

The battles are over the top with Bellcross pretty much wiping the floor up of any other tribe that he comes across. There is a hint however that the Silver tribe may be a little more battle ready than the Bronze. It is also interesting to see how the Humans will make it back across the universe with both the Silver and Bronze Tribes hammering them along the way. There are other interactions with other outside races and how they have to be diplomatic to keep peace with everyone.

Artwork is nicely done with some high art at times. The personal interaction is the same as other anime's I have seen with a possible "love" triangle with the Princess, Age and Iolaus.

Series beginning intros are great as they give you a history lesson of how everything evolved. Each one seems to give you a little more background data on the show. The music seems to follow other anime's as well with a fast opening theme beat and a nice relaxing closing theme.

There are 26 episodes and the first DVD has already came out. I plan on seeing the rest if this series.

Overall Rating > B
Gold Race
Princess Dhianeila

12 Labors

Next series to be reviewed: Baccano!


  1. You forgot to post a picture of Age :P

    This makes me think of Battlestar Galactica, heh.

  2. Just added a pic of him - I guess I am slipping in my old "Age"

  3. He's an older Mogli, that one is.

  4. It's a series on my "to watch" list but it's not very high on it currently.


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