Thursday, October 01, 2009

Figure Orders Shipping

With all the sales I did on eBay. my wife gave me permission to get a couple things. One item I wanted - Nendoroid Yoko Ritona Figure and one item just because - Excellent Model Ltd Queen's Blade Rebellion Yuit & Vante w/Yuit Figure.

I have been trying to get Yoko for a while now and have been trying to get it at a decent price. I finally found a place called NCSx that had it for $39.90 with shipping at $8.64. After making sure they did have her, I order it. I have to say that they shipped it the same day I ordered. They note on the site that if you order before 5pm, the will get it out the same day. I got a UPS tracking number and everything - so I can watch her progress to my apartment - YEAH!  I plan on taking her on adventures like everyone else has been doing with their Nendoriods!

Queen's Blade Rebellion Yuit & Vante w/Yuit Figure was picked up from HLJ. I like the books and with the added figure, who could say no. I had seen people selling this at $98.00 or more which way high. I got this for only $63.61 and FREE shipping. I know she is very "moe", but what the hell.

One I get these in, I will try to get a photo shoot together for all of you. Maybe I will even have them in it together - ACK!


  1. You're selling off part of your collection but then you order more ;) sounds like 1 step forward 2 steps back. But don't worry I'm doing something similar. I've sold off a chunk of my collection...but now I plan on getting a figure I hadn't originally intended on getting. Alter Maid Saber version 2!

  2. @lovelyduckie - yea, I am having withdraw symptoms. Out of my 56 figures, I now only have 25 - so I took a big downsizing.

  3. It all depends on why you sell.

    He sold for room, no? So if room is the concern, selling 10 figures for 66% off means you can then get 3 figures!
    Then again, might be better to just sell 7 and keep 3 ;)

    See, we have limited shelf-space, so this is how we "rotate", by selling the old and buying new, and losing money all the time, heh.

  4. 56 down to 25? Oi shit, that's a pretty significant downsize.

  5. Your new entry disappeared.

    And Snark, when my friends cut down on their Roleplaying shelves, they usually go down to 20-50, from 150-300.

    And before you mention costs, I have an RPG I paid $85 for, with an original comissioned illustration by the artist who wrote and drew the comic it was based on.

  6. @Guy - I was having issues with the formationg, so I took it down. I hope to get something back up later about it again.


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