Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Japanese Food Review

Decided to get some snacks from Tate's this week. I had some last weekend, but sent them up to my family. I decided to get some chips, Pocky and some other snacks.

First up are some fish snacks by Meito called Air in Choco. It is similar in shape to Taiyaki, but filled with airy fruit filling. The outside is a wafer shaped fish with an filling that tastes depend on your fish. I got one that was strawberry and one that was banana.

Here is a cutaway view of the inside. The outside wafer easily comes off on one side. It has the taste and consistency of a sugar wafer you would eat here in the US. The slight different is the airy center.

Each did taste like the fruit that was pictured and were not bad. I am sure my son enjoyed them as well.

Next up is Pocky chocolate Dessert > Tiramisu flavored. Now these are not the ordinary Pocky you would get, but a little more fancy. These boxes only have 4 packages of 3 Pocky each - so you do not get as many.

There is however more chocolate and the wafer stick is a little larger than normal. If you have a "fancy" party, these may be something cool for your friends to try.

These were okay - you can definitely taste the extra chocolate on the outside of the wafer stick. I have also tasted this brand in Orange and was blown away by the Orange taste. I think the Orange was better.

Last, but not least - my most anticipated part of the tasting. These are by Yanazaki-Nabisco and are potato chips with nori and wasabi flavoring.

Now for those of you that eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting - these are not for you. It is a small bag, but filled with a flavor wallop. You will get the glorious sting of wasabi on your poor little tongue (can you tell I like these). They look normal - but do not be taken back by their innocence - LOL. Too bad the nori is more for show than flavor.

If these catch your interest, then drop over at Tate's for some of your own stuff. They have plenty of other stuff as well if you want something different. If not in South Florida, then try your local comic / anime shop or J-List is another great place to pick some of these up.

Have you had the fun of eating some Japanese snacks?

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  1. Heheh, I remember eating wasabi flavored chips, not really my kind of thing though >_<


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