Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Highlight: Cool & Spicy

Ran into this blog when I was checking out the Blog Rate Directory called Cool & Spicy.

What grabbed me was the fact that they had some great art blogs. They even showcase their Artbook collection with a small review of each book in their collecion. It was interesting to see that they were only interested in doujinshi artworks when they went to Comiket 76. We don't have too much of chance for that here in the US, so it was cool seeing their loot. Their interest seem to be more Moe and Gothic Lolita from what I can observe in their art tastes (please correct me if I am wrong). Nothing wrong in that either as I can find quite few in common with some of the artbooks they have.

Sorry to say that they are in the same predicament as me as they are moving, so may not have updates right away. But if you like artbooks and some day to day life shots, this is a good add to your list to follow.

You can also catch another site they designed called e-ShuuShuu which is an image board that showcases artwork.


  1. nice artwork they have, thanks for sharing :D

  2. I recently got a few artbooks myself. Every time HowaGirlFigures took pictures of her collection I kept finidng myself admiring her Aria images. Then Wolf Hurricane posted about his artbooks and I cracked and got them.


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