Friday, November 13, 2009

Anime Openings - Whats up with the rehashing of the story?

I was going to do a review of Magical Knights Rayearth, but the openings are getting me annoyed.

I am not talking about the musical opening starts with the characters. I am talking about the beginning after that of the show itself. These are sort of a opening to the opening!?!

I do not mind (sometimes) when they do a quick review of previous episode. But when they keep going over the entire beginning again and again and again, it just makes me fast forward. They do change up some of the scenes, but the verbiage is sometimes the same thing again. I mean honestly, if I am watching the show each week, then can we forgo the intro that shows us how everything started - repeatedly - each freaking episode.

I know this is used to help fill in time and cut back on cost. Similar to the actions scenes that show the Anime characters evolving or Mecha combining. These get overused as well at time, but are usually to much a part of the show to skip over.

Here is the opening for Episode 2

Here is the opening for Episode 3

See what I mean - Let me know what your thoughts are on these type of opening to the Anime. I mean it just be my old age and wanting to get to the cool story and not being very patience.

Do you care for these or just overlook them all together and enjoy the show?

I will try to get my review up for Magical Knights Rayearth before next Friday. It is an older show, but part of the Clamp family of Manga / Anime.

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  1. Many anime are guilty of the sin of overdoing the opening re-caps. They're particularly annoying if you're watching a series marathon style. I just accept the reason for their presence but skip over them. One Piece has some really long re-caps in the beginning too.


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