Friday, November 20, 2009

Dragonaut: The Resonance Figures

I was going to review Dragonaut the Resonance today, but I remembered that I used to do "Figure Fridays". So here are a couple of the figures from the Anime that I wanted to share with you. I will have a full review tomorrow for Anime Saturday!

Now I remember seeing the Garnett Maclain figure a while ago and really wanted it. But since I did not know much about her (I really did not research much), I decided not to get her. I have to say the pose with her large breast staring out me got me blinded by everything else. It is a great pose never the less with the long katana she has. It looks like she is ready to slice you in half. Screw it, I still want her!!!!

I can imagine her saying: "That's it little man - stare at my beautiful twins as I slice that little head of yours off!".

Garnett Maclain
I was able to find only one other figure from the series. This was of Sieglinde Baumgard who looks like a young Gothic Lolita. This is actually an outfit that she wears regularly throughout the show. Her companion in the Anime is actually an old man that looks like a butler (and is actually a dragon in disguise).

Sieglinde Baumgard

Where you can get them:
Sieglinde Baumgard PVC Figure
Toys Logic - $82.99

Garnett Maclain PVC Figure
Toys Logic - $45.99 (SALE)
HLJ - $44.07 (SALE)

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  1. Garnett is one appealing figure have her distracting twins. It's no wonder she fetched a higher price.


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