Thursday, November 19, 2009

Project Natal Xbox 360 - really an "X"box

The other day my Manager sent us this link on the new upcoming Xbox feature. It is kind of Big Brotherish, but I found it interesting. I mean, being able to play a game with no controllers with both face AND voice recognition was quite amazing.

I of course in my demented little mind had already taken this to the next level. Can you imagine all those Dating SIMS and poor lonely guys on a couch somewhere having the time of their life.

On that same night at home, I visit Sankaku Complex and find my thoughts were actually showcased. Here is one of the images from the article. I mean WOW - just WOW - what new family fun - LMFAO!

All I got is a silly Wii Console - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Source: Sankaku Complex


  1. lol, when I read the first paragraph I was thinking the same thing! My mind went right to dating sim games. Then I scrolled down and read the rest.

    Now THAT is funny! I love in the picture how the whole family is watching with such great interest. "Look at dad go!"

  2. Unbelievable! I hope it not just a gimme! Is it my imagination or did I see dad playing hentai game in the last pic...huh....

  3. @ Seantaku - got to keep the family secrets in the family

    @ Dennis aka Katsuden - it is a faked picture as Sankaku Complex was making fun of the possibilities. But you never know in this day and age - dreams do come true!


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