Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday !

Well another year and more grey hair. Since my wife and son are up North, it will be a quiet night. I never really have anything planned anyway as when you hit this age, it is another day. I will probably stop over at Tate's Comics on the way home to see if anything new arrived in as yet for this week.

I Love Yoko!
I will probably watch Dragonaut the Resonance on the computer as I am up episode 8. I am enjoying this series as it has 2 things that I very much enjoy > Dragons and Boobies < childish, I know, but oh well I am a guy. I hope to have a review maybe this Friday.

Some of the Dragonaut Beauties

I may also decide differently and watch Blood - The Last Vampire that I just rented from Blockbuster yesterday. For a review of that movie, check out < got a D+, but I think it is better that watching Dragonball Z - live action movie - LOL.

I have already gotten some Happy B-days from friends at Tsuki-board and from sites Anime Online, Anime-Planet and MangaShare which is pretty darn cool! I even have a group date on Saturday night with some of my wife's friends to go out and have fun.

mmmmmm - Cake!


  1. Have fun this Saturdaaay!
    And happy b-day again!

  2. Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. It was a quiet night as I got time to watch both Blood - The Last Vampire and Dragonaut (up to episode 12).

    I will work on getting a review of Dragonaut for everyone tomorrow.


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