Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Freaking Figure Sale

I had these all packed up and ready to ship, but the person never got back with me. I will ship internationally, so shoot me an email for pricing. Here is my last offering of these figures for sale before my move.

Yes, I have finally gotten figured that I will be moving up to Western Maryland in the first week of January. Most everything is already boxed and ready, but still have some things hanging around I need to finish up.

You can catch the listing at Hobby Fanatic or at Tsuki-board.

Here is what I have for sale:

Image Hosted by
Enchidna (NOTE: one of the pegs that holds her foot has broken off. Figure still stands fine however) - $40

Image Hosted by
Reina - $40 (HOLDING)

Image Hosted by
Alter Ignis - $25

Image Hosted by
Air Gear Simca - $40

1 comment:

  1. If only Simca weren't a huge ass figure who'd cost my leg to ship :P


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