Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blog Review: JapanCinema

This weeks installment of Blog Highlight belongs to Japan Cinema.

This is a great blog for all you that like Live Action and Anime movies. It is professional designed and includes a forum as well. The reviews are all done in great detail and with excellent commentary on the shows reviewed. Not only do they give you insight to the movies, but you also get a still shot as well as a video of the trailer. The grading scale is just like at school (A, B, C . . .) as well as a quick pro and con for the film as a summary.

He does a wide range of film reviews that mostly deal with an Asian influence. He includes not only Japanese, but also Korean, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and others. I have used his site to help me get my next movie to watch as we do not have anyone that does this exclusively. You have to give him kudos as well because he posts a new review each weekday.

If you want a professional review of an Asian film or Anime movie, then this is a blog that you have to check out!

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