Friday, December 11, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Shiva

I am not too keen on getting vehicles for figures, but this one is a must. Now if I can get my wife to okay the funds, I can pre-order it. I have a great admiration for the Final Fantasy line when it comes to their vehicles. They have some of the most detailed and imaginative creations I have seen (only second to Transformers).

This is due out in March 2010 and is currently at $220 USD. Being manufactured by Kotobukiya under the Final Fantasy XIII product line. This is not small either with the Motorcycle size at 20.9 inches (530mm) and the humanoid figure at 15 inches (380mm) tall. They actually represent Shiva Nix and Shiva Styria.

Now this is a cycle that I would love to actually be able "ride".

Source: Anime Vice | Hobby Search


  1. I LOVE Final Fantasy! That bike looks amazing. From what I've read that's part of their summoning system this time around in FFXIII. If u call on Shiva u can ride her on a bike form. A bit different from what I'm used to but I love that these games always change it up.

    Hope the wife approves! Then u can take some pictures of it for us...

  2. noooo why did you have to show me this! and it come out in my birthday month so I have an excuse! must be strong! saving for Japan is so hard!

  3. Not really tempted as the price puts me off straight away.
    I'm more than happy with just the game.


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