Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More F@#$ing Snow!

Well if the first 2 blizzards were not enough. We are now into our 3 blizzard of the winter and the second in 2010. As I sit here typing, I am sure there will be another 20 inches of snow that I will need to shovel out again. Since this is not suppose to stop until 7pm EST tonight, I am sure my son will be out of school tomorrow again, if not the entire week.

Here are some pics I took outside my apartment for your viewing enjoyment:

In case you are wondering, we raise the wiperblades up like that so they do not freeze to the car windshields.

These things have been growing since the last blizzard last weekend. I figure they are about 4 feet long now.

So are you in this mess like more or enjoying the warm sun on your face?


  1. Geez, you guys are really getting pounded by snow storms xD
    We got a few more inches yesterday and heavy winds blew it around more today but I think the worst is over here.

    Are you able to work from home at least?

  2. Yeah this snow is crazy! I'm actually loving it. I have a bad back so when the snow starts I go out every few hours and shovel a couple inches. Barely sleeping has really paid off during these blizzards. I'm up all night!

  3. Yeah, Snow over here too. Gotta love Mother Nature.

  4. My brother is in Washington DC right now, and he tells me it's bad everywhere around the mid-Atlantic...
    Well, good luck.

  5. yeah my friends keep bitching about being snowed in as well. I'm glad that I was born in Malaysia XD

  6. We were SUPPOSED to get hit by the storm yesterday. But it just missed us. We just got a few snowflakes.

  7. @everyone - the Sun is finally out and I have dug out our cars once again. Just got news however that there may be a new storm next Monday - ARG!!!!!!

    Please send Sunshine!

  8. There's always the fun and terrible side of snow. Things come to a standstill but people get to cool off from school and work. Singapore now is sunny and today will be Chinese New Year!

  9. @ Jamaipanese - I could use some warmth right now

    @ Dennis aka Katsuden - We got one more day before that hits us! Happy early Chinese New Year - welcome the Tiger!


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