Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Yoko in the Snow, Final

So we left yesterday with Charizard using his Flame Thrower attack in hopes of getting Yoko out of the snow . . .

"Keep it up Charizard, I think you are almost there", shouts my son. I think I am beginning to hear something myself in there. "Getnheot Meethnew Outdws Hereshgtjew", is what we hear from Yoko under all the snow.

"I think I am starting to see something:, says my son. "Stop using Flame Thrower", he says. I can see her face now and she doesn't look to happy. "WTH are you trying to do, burn me out! Either way, it is about DAMN TIME someone got to me", shouts Yoko." Now get busy and dig the rest of me out", she barks.

"Charizard, charizard" says Charizard. "What's going on here", says a passing Polar Bear, "looks like you could use some help getting out", he says. "OF COURSE I NEED SOME HELP!, screams Yoko, "You must be blind to not to see that". "Charizard, charizard" says Charizard. "Stop saying "CHARIZARD", you retarded lizard!" screams Yoko, "and get me out".

"Return Charizard", shouts my son, "She is a rude and can get the rest of the way out herself!". Off runs my son crying to my wife about how he tried to help and Yoko was so mean.

"Now that was not very nice", said the Bear, "I think you need a time out". "What??, no wait, I need help getting out still", cried Yoko. "Sorry, but you are on your own", said the Bear as he walks off.

Now Yoko turns to me with those innocent eyes and says, "Honey, sweetie, I know you still love me, so please get me out?". "Why are you NOW being so nice about it?", I questioned. "Well, the Polar is right, so stay there for a bit and cool your heels. I think this will be a good lesson for you", as I walk back to my son. "Pretty please", whimpers Yoko, "I am really cold now, hello, can anyone hear me".

"The moral to the story everyone, is NOT to be a Bitch, UNTIL you are out of your sticky situation", said the Polar Bear. C-Ya next time!


  1. Haha. Well said, Polar Bear.

  2. A lesson worthy of "Fables de la Fontaine" ;) Still Yoko is pitiful ^^

  3. Aw, I'd help her ;-;
    Looks like the snow wasn't actually too fatal for Yoko ^^;
    That is the intensest passing polar bear ever. It's easily three times charizard's size.

  4. @everyone - thanks for the comments, this was my first attempt at a photo story with figures. I want to thank my wife who was my assistant during all this :)

    @Ningyo - the polar bear was actually given to us by a guy who was plowing the apt complex. He found it and saw us taking pictures, so he wanted to give it to us to use. After the shooting, we left it there in case the person who owned it stopped by.


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