Sunday, March 07, 2010

Blog Review: It's Finally Anime

This weeks installment of Blog Highlight belongs to It's Finally Anime.

This blog has gone through some transformations since I first got linked into it. The new layout is well designed and I am quite impressed with it. If you see FaS has left a comment on your site, then you have been visited by him. You will also see that there are some others on the Finally Anime Staff, including Andrew who runs AnimeFullCircle and Deckster from AnimeBullet. Both great sites unto themselves and a great places to drop by.

I first came up FaS when I was checking out some comments on another blog. I was hooked when I came across a blog about Boobies (my favorite all time things). The title was "The Booby Report: Issue 1". The article gave you a bit of everything related to Boobies in Japan including the Pudding and Milk. I have to say that Breast Milk is the sweetest stuff that I have ever drank. "Got Milk" has taken a whole new meaning for me after that - heeheehee.

The big thing about the site, is the Anime. He has reviewed a wide variety of series and has a great library of it readily available for you to read. He has it organized quite well under Action/Adventure Anime and All Other Anime. I don't know where he found the time to do all that, but it must have been a big undertaking. A lot of the series he has reviewed are pretty fresh and currently being aired in the Land of the Rising Sun. If you like what FaS writes and want to check it out, then head on over to AnimeBullet to watch it.

He also breaks away from the obvious stuff to bring you some news on stuff that is related to the Anime or Japan that is quite interesting. A nice example of this was "Marriage Between Gamer And Character? It’s Possible!!!!!" by animeremix. I guess sometimes we need to get away from the norm to get some wild news.

What I usually end up drooling over is his H(Ecchi)/Downloads section. Now I am not a Gamer by any stretch of the imagination, but I did like Bayonetta when I saw it in previews. A hot long haired babe in skin-tight leather meets my requirements. But this is nothing compared to the collection of images he collected under "Bayonetta Ecchi: This Time Hair Never Looked Better". If you are a Queen's Blade fan (like I am - damn straight), then you better well check out "Queen’s Blade HOT Ecchi: Top Quality Pics".

Okay, so, I am a pervert, well so be it. If you need a fix or a hookup, then you better get your ass over to It's Finally Anime and bookmark the bitch. He has done the research for you so you can relax and catch up on your "light reading" or viewing pleasures.


  1. Never heard of this one, I'll pop by

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  3. Oh wow!!!! Thanks a bunch!!! I'm honored to have been considered for this! I gotta say I loved reading it and am superbly flattered. Oh wow, if I could blush lolll. Anyways, I'll be sending you some questions probably sometime next week to cover your blog. Peace out bro.

    P.S. Oh and you tasted the milk??????

  4. Ok, I was quite surprised when you posted the marriage post. So when I first heard about the story, I was thinking to myself why would this guy do such a thing? But it also makes me wonder if he is still married to Katsura???

    But overall, great post!!!!!!!


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