Monday, March 08, 2010

Anime Network updates their site

Wanted to get this quick blog out for those who may not of gotten the email. Seems that Anime Network has finally finished its updates and now has a new look.

In the email from Anime Network:

"Didn't think we were just going to do some back end stuff did you? Nah, nah, way too boring. Well, we kind of did, but mostly the maintenance time was so we could unveil our sweet new site! Everything's been upgraded and styled for today's modern Japanese Animation Enthusiast; in other words, we just classed up the joint. In fact, just writing an article for the front page makes me feel like a classy gentleman. So put on your monocles and top hats, hand your walking canes to your man servant and come along as we show you our new digs:"

I do like the cleaned up style and easy to find stuff now. My only "grip" is that they are using too light of a font for the titles and the normal lettering should be black and not that grey. My old eyes are having some issue reading stuff that light.


  1. I actually don't go to ANN too often, I usually end up finiding what I need to know on Wikipedia

  2. I'm liking the design....mmm but only to a certain extent :P my future design is much better. I haven't shown all of it yet because I'm really paranoid about someone stealing my stuff, but it's LEET. And the rollovers will blow your mind. Holla!


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