Friday, March 26, 2010

ComicGum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians: Hakufu Sonsaku

Here is my next installment for ComicGum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians Set. This week I am featuring Hakufu Sonsaku. In the full set, she looks to be in mid motion of kicking the dragon. Not sure I would be doing that myself, but you go girl!

Hakufu Sonsaku is one of the - ummmm - retarded fighters. She is not that great of a fighter and is not even ranked very high. She does have some hidden talents as we see later on in the show. However, even with her dragon, she still seems to be ditsy.

4 Full Views
Random Shots

Kiss My Shoe Bitch

My Infamous Closeup Pantsu Shot - heehee

The Set is on Sale at for $54.99 O_O

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  1. There we go.
    I hardly remember anything about Ikkitousen, and now I really wonder why it didn't piss me off more than it did for incoherence. I mean, I sure do hate Koihime musou...

    Kay, I'll cut to the chase - what in the name is that dubious bulge in her pantsu? Do not want D:

  2. I have to say that these are some intersting shots. A few pantsu shots and a realy nice pose realy seals the deal. Awesome!!!!!!!

  3. Yeah I really dig these shots as well! Never seen the seen the anime though

  4. @ Ninyo ~ I liked it for the bouncy boobs and she has a big clit (bulge in pantsu)

    @Andrew L. Budny ~ Thanks, looked forward to the rest each Friday

    @Seantaku ~ I have not seen the Great Guardians ones yet, but I did watch the earlier shoe just called Ikki Tousen.

  5. Her pose is made for the pantsu shot.
    She has a very apparent cameltoe. ^ ^

  6. She is weak? Wasn't this one the main character?

  7. Wow! Wow! Wow! Even though not rank very high! She kicks high and boobs bounce high! Love watching the anime!


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