Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will be part of Staff at Finally Anime!

Before we get started, this could be classified as NSFW if you hit some of the other sites mentioned here.

Like I mentioned in my previous Blog, I will be part of the staff at Finally Anime. For some of you, you will remember it used to previously be called Final Anime Stop's Blog. Currently it is staffed by FaS, Andrew L Budny (AnimeFullCircle) and Dennis (animebullet). These are all other great sites that you have to check out.

My hope is to keep with the theme they have (ecchi) and do some fun figure reviews. I have figures from Queen's Blade and Tandem Twin that have "clothes optional" views. I may have reviewed these figures here, but not to the extent I will at Finally Anime. As I will have much more freedoms there on the nekid figures, I will get a bit naughty with the photos - heeheehee. To give you the a sneak peak at the figures (clothed of course), here they are:

Tandem Twins

Queen's Blade

Now they are crazy busy getting the site upgraded, so please be patient. I am not sure how soon I will be posting, but I already have pics of Risty in all her glory ready to go.


  1. I think your contributions to the site will be good ^^

  2. @phossil ~ thanks, I am hopeful that I will live up to their expectations.

  3. This looks realy good!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what else yo got in store for us!!!!!!

  4. The gals look good. Hey! Why is it nowadays that gals always gets to play the hero?!

    Have fun with these joint production!

  5. That should be awesome. Congrats! Definitely look forward to seeing that,

  6. @lovelyduckie ~ she is definitely an Amazon

    @Andrew L. Budny ~ Should be a great few figure blogs

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I guess they need to get something more than Barbie as a Role Model. I am looking forward to the calibration.

    @Seantaku ~ thanks and I can't wait to begin posting

  7. I read that site from time to time too. I look forward to seeing you there. ^ ^


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