Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quickie Post - We got a Router!

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! > With our refund from last years taxes, we went out to get a new router for the Sanctuary. It has been interesting wrestling the internet access away from my wife at times. She is a Facebook Addict!

We had an old US Robotics unit that hit the fan after 7 years of good service. After many reviews and internet searching, we went with a Linksys WRT320N. I picked it up on sale from Office Max for $99.99 (was $120.00). I was figuring on that pricing as I wanted an N router even though we only have G wireless systems. I know my wife wants a new laptop later and it will be best to get the current configuration on the router.

I found some good reviews on this and have worked with Cisco products at my old job. I know the product would be a good choice. It is an Wireless N router and Dual Band. It does not automatically pick the best, so I had to pick either 2.5 or 5 GHz. I am using 2.5 right now as everything is pretty close together. It also is has a Gigabit Ethernet which is great with my Desktop. I also liked the slim design as I can place it on top of our bookcase.

I used the trial version of Network Magic Pro for setting up the router and it was simple as pie. I do not think I will keep the Pro edition of this as it would be a extra $39.99 cost for that after a lousy 7 day trial period. Who the fuck only lets you test software for 7 days - cheap bastards!

It does come with a dummy down version called Network Magic Basic. Not that I really need it, but it does have a smooth GUI interface for users. I did however go into the router settings and set them to manual as I did not want my SSID broadcasted to the world. Better to hide from everyone - heehee!

Wanted to do a speed test over the internet, so I went to SpeedTest. Yesterday I was getting over 5 Mbps down and .78 Mbps up which isn't bad for Cable Modem.

I got both my wifes laptop and our Wii system setup with no issues. I updated our Wii system and downloaded the Wii Opera version so I could surf the internet. I was able to get to YouTube and did a quick search for Naruto stuff. I will need to test this on some of my anime sites I use to watch stuff to see how good the views are. I will have to get a wireless keyboard though :(

Do you have any of your systems on wireless? How is the game play with friends over your WiFi?


  1. LOL my wife is a Facebook addict too. She got herself a new laptop recently so yay I got my computer back to myself XD We got a crappy old Linksys wire router, I guess getting wireless upgrade would be good, but it does the job for now XD

  2. @Persocom - LOL - nice to see I am not the only one. It has been fun trying to get back my computer when she was on Facebook.

  3. looks like a newer version of the router i have

  4. Nice! Congrats on the router!

    My brother and his girlfriend just moved out so I don't have to share internet with anybody! lol


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