Monday, March 15, 2010

HobbyLink Japan Spring Sale

Just got an email from HLJ that I thought I would share with everyone - they are having a Spring Sale! The best part beside cool stuff on sale is that they are offering a discount on EMS shipping. The shipping will be at a 20% discount until June 30th. They have also hooked up with FedEx so that shipping the US or Europe may even be cheaper than EMS.


You better get over there as some of the stuff is selling fast. Here are some of the deals I liked (pricing in USD):

Ino - was $30.87, now $10.80

1/8 Mine bluE #00 Pelsor Version was $65.92, now $29.66

1/9 Fine Scenery MiG-60 PVC was $44.09, now $26.46

Felicia by Organic was $74.96, now $44.98

Kyoshiro Maniax Mini Fig Vol. 1 was $92.60, now $27.78

There are plenty more, but not as large of a selection as the previous sale. I am looking at some of these myself, but need J O B before my wife will let me - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


  1. Yeah, they emailed me this morning too. Pretty cool that they are the first major Japanese hobby store offering Fedex. Still, I don't think I'm going back to HLJ. They're just too expensive (aside from these few sale items) >_< Especially now that Amiami and Hobby Search seem to be engaging in some serious price-reduction warfare. I go where the prices are lowest xD

  2. @anonymous_object ~ I will have to check out Amiami and Hobby Search more often. Thx for the heads up :)

  3. I love SALE on HLJ but this time i don't see anything really interesting. ^^ Yet i fell for the Mine Blue white version :)

  4. Even if they're adorable as neko with their blushing faces, i have a bit of trouble with the style of their legs who kinda look like "pole" i think.
    How much tall are they ?

  5. I was sad I missed out on the Rei/Asuka Yukata figure set. I would have SO purchased that if I had seen it in time.


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