Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updating Blog with New Page

I have added a new page called Downloads. I will be adding some computer backgrounds to this part of the blog for you to download. I currently only have 1920 x 1200 size, but want to add other sizes. Let me know what your computer screen size is so I can get an idea what size will work the best for everyone. I know everyone is different, but I am sure I can meet everyone's need.

btw: these may need your parents permission before loading onto your desktop O_o

I do have some older stuff I worked on that is 1024 x768

Here is some at 1280 x 960

More can be found at my Art Collection website: Green Dragons Den

The backgrounds are of images that I com-positioned from Anime characters or from my Figure photo shoots. Currently I only have something from Neon Genesis, Queen's Blade and Tokyo Majin. Let me know if you have any suggestions on something you may want to see.

None of these are from someone else's site as I am not one to "steal" ideas. That is wrong and evil - Grrrrrrr ><

I am also working on updating the Links and Banners page. If you are on my Blog Roll, let me know if you have a 200x40 banner that I can use for the site. Otherwise, I will be busy with making some for each of you for here :)


  1. Ohh... nice collection...

    Banner? I'm in the midst of making a new one. I'll put in in my banner exchange (soon) once its done.

  2. Cool, I like the wallpapers!!!!!!! They are very cool. BTW: I hope to have interview questions for you for Afc Showcase if you are interested in doing an interview. Let me know, thanks.

  3. A downloads section is always appreciated.
    Rather, even if I had a banner I'd more like to see what you make to summarize my site ;)

    And yeah, not crediting imageboard images in my posts is pretty much the same as stealing - but then again, evil and wrong is my middle name, so I've no incentive to go the extra mile and credit people :/

  4. @bd77 - thanks for the kind comments and looking forward the the banner exchange :)

    @Andrew L. Budny - thanks as well! I am interested and you can send the questions anytime. Just let me know how soon you need a reply.

    @Ningyo - I will work on a banner for ya.

    About the crediting, I was more talking about people who take stuff and say they did it as their own. I know we all "borrow" pics from the internet for our blogs, but we don't actually say "we" did them. I try when I can to credit the artist, but I know I don't always do that either - bad boy!

  5. @Bluedrakon:I will probably send them to you when I go on spring break the week after next!!!!!!! And their is no rush to reply to them!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!


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