Friday, April 09, 2010

ComicGum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians: Kakouen Myousai

Another installment for the ComicGum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians set featuring Kakouen Myousai.

Now I am in love with this figure (and one other). I like the silver outfit and now well it fits her assets. Her body suit really hugs her figure well and he flowing hair just make this one of my favs. (I have a thing for long hair). The figure was well conceived as I was impressed by the tunic wrapping around her one leg. I just wonder why she has both the end of the dragons tail and a pointy rock on her base?

In the series, she is pretty much a hard luck case as she was almost raped as a young girl in the jungle. She was saved by Sousou and taken back to Japan.

Bad news it that I broke on of the pegs for her foot. Luckily the other one is fine and the figure shows no signs of the loss.

4 Rotating Views

Random Shots

Infamous Pantsu Shot (well sort of)

The Set is on Sale at for $54.99 O_O


  1. The pose is cool and all, but there is something seriously fucked up about her face...

  2. The twirl effect is really nice. Her hair and outfit make her look like she is spinning. OH yeah, and lots of leg. You can't go wrong with lots of leg.

  3. she looks pretty good when you don't look too close, I think the base part looks pretty cool though.

  4. @Snark ~ little faces make little faces - :)

    @Logan ~ I liked the long legs and swirling body as well. I just like seeing a bit of life in my figures.

    @Persocom ~ these are good figures for their size, but the overall total figure will show even more.

  5. Sexy! Sexy! Sexy! Totally mind blowing. Alway luv when you post on such figure.

  6. I was VERY tempted of the figure of this her made by Alter. In the end I passed due to lack of knowledge of the character. But I LOVE fighters that use their fists/feet!


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