Saturday, April 10, 2010

Couple Spring Sales and Clearance Links

Sorry, but my son has changed his mind and does not want to blog right now. Like the Gemini he is, he switches back and forth. I even tried to bribe him with money, but no go. I offered him a $1 USD for each question he answered, but he wanted $5 USD a question. I think I taught him to well - ack!

I got some emails the last couple of days and wanted to share with everyone. I have also posted some links for places that have some clearance stuff that may interest you all as well. I have tried to get a wide range of stuff so as to make sure there is something for everyone.

Here are some Spring Sales:

HobbyLink Japan ~ More Spring cleaning! We're still clearing the overstocks from our warehouse, so from April 8 to April 28, we'll be offering more great savings on a huge selection of items from all genres. We've added scores of additional items to the pile; click HERE to browse the complete selection!

RightStuf ~ From now through April 19, take an additional 10% OFF our everyday sale prices on most IN-STOCK items! (New items arrive each day, so check back frequently!) How? Just use the following reusable coupon code when you check out through Coupon Code: bargainbuzz | Expires: April 19, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. CDT

Clearance Links:

ABCTOY4ME ~ The have a mixture of Figures, Plushies, Key Chains and some Jewelry (287 items listed).

Anime Figure Sales (Blog) ~ This blog not only features Figure sales, but also showcases several of the figures with a picture and link back to the item.

Big Bad Toy Store ~ Mostly GI Joe, Star Wars & Transformers, but there are also some stuff from Japan as well. They have discounts ranging from 20% to 90% off (2038 items listed).

Hobby Search ~ This is the link to their PVC Figure Bargain PVC Figure Store (40 items listed)

Otacute ~ They have some Figures, Cars, straps and Displayers (40 items listed).

Plamoya ~ They have Figures, Gundam, Vehicles, Models and other cool items up to 76% off (1233 items listed).

ToysLogic ~ Mostly Figures with some Models (116 items listed)

I am sure I missed a bunch load, but these are the ones I have saved on my system. If you know of anymore, send me the link and I will add it in for everyone.


  1. haha your son is smart XD I'm going to avoid clicking these links, for I must resist temptation. (watch me come back tomorrow and end up buying something <_<)

  2. @Persocom ~ yea, he knows when to get out when it is the right time. I did click on some links and cost me a little back.

  3. Pretty interesting sales, too bad I can't spend some of my hard earned money on anime at the moment. I have to pay for a summer class in a few weeks :(

  4. Thx for the heads up! I will be interested on the sale items on hobbylink Japan!

  5. This time around the HLJ sale didn't have much I wanted, but at the last one I picked up two items :)

  6. LOL, smart kid ya got there.

    Thanks for the links! Definitely gonna check those out. Got a few birthdays coming up, might be able to score something on of of those links.


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