Friday, April 30, 2010

ComicGum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians: Unchou Kan'u

Another installment for the ComicGum Ikki Tousen Great Guardians set featuring Unchou Kan'u.

Of course I saved the best for last. If you want to see everything, this is the figure for you. If there is a figure of her for sale, you can be she has been placed in just about any position possible. She seems to have a hard time keeping her clothes from getting destroyed. She is suppose to be the most feared of the
Toushi as she wields the Blue Dragon Crest Blade and sword Kusanagi.

Like some of the other figures in this set, she is shown in full motion. Flowing long hair and her Blue Dragon Crest Blade in hand ready for battle. Like a lot of the other figures, her face is not her best feature. I could of actually removed the skirt from the figure as it did come off, but need to keep it in taste - what?

4 Revolving Poses

Random Shots

Infamous Pantsu shot

The Set is on Sale at for $54.99 O_O

Dragon | Hakufu Sonsaku | Gentoku Ryuubi | Kakouen Myousai | Shiryuu Chouun I Shimei Ryomou


  1. Unchou Kan'u is my favourite Ikki Tousen character with her Dragon saber. I even bought a Figma figure of her.

  2. thats a looooooooonnnnnnnng figure, and its only for 55 dollars, cheap D:

    i love the pose!

  3. This one's probably my favorite of the set because of the character and the pose.


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