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I caught wind of this a while ago and want to add my 2 cents to the story. I was waiting for this to come out so I can watch it with my son.

"What is all the hype about Bub" is what you are thinking - right? Well this is an Anime that is actually grounded in the United States - specifically Los Angeles. Of course with that said, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame was part of this with animation studio Bones (Darker than Black, Soul Eater & Eureka). About 2 years ago, ANN did a short write up about him working on this. If anything, having Bones as the animation studio is a reason alone to watch this.

With all the movies Stan has been in, he also shows up in this Anime at different times. I guess we can play - Catch Stan Lee in the Anime drinking game?

Check out "The Man" sitting on the stool

Now for some of the tidbits of the story:


Joey lives with his Groovin Grandma, but we do see pics of his Dad as well. Dad is no where in the "picture" and we have no idea whats up with that. He is picked on the by the overly stupid rich kids. To add insult to injury, a sisters of one of the rich kids seems to have a romantic interest in Joey. Poor dude nearly gets his ass kicked, but is saved by a crippled sk8r-boy with an Afro.

The Whole School Crew
What is school without a hot sexy teacher in class. I wish my teachers dressed like this when i was going to high school - damn!

Hot for the TeacherJoey also helps out Professor Matthew Denton. This dummass of a Professor has been sending out all types of communications to Outer Space in hopes of finding intelligent life. And wouldn't you know it, he does find other life. Only these "insect-like" aliens want to take over the world to utilize its resources.

Professor Matthew Denton
Now where the hell have we heard this line before. Looks like it is time for an invasion ~ can we come up with something original once in a while?

The Aliens

In the mean time, Joey ends up picking up a broken and trashed toy that the rich kids threw away. He goes and rebuilds it for himself. Now this toy was able to follow voice commands with a communicator like device. Remember this as it becomes key later on.

Joey Jones & Heroman Toy

So how the hell does this broken arse toy turn into a real-life robot? Well, I am glad you asked ~ as it turns out, this happens during a lightning storm (produced by the aliens). A freaking huge ass blue lightning bolt hits the toy as Joey comes home to save it from the rain. It takes out his room and he ends up with a flashing communicator he had for the toy. After pressing the sides of the device, it ends up becoming a gauntlet on his left arm and the toy now becomes HEROMAN! All in pretty USA colors (White, Red and Blue).

Engage Heroman!
Joey and Heroman

We soon find that Heroman relays heavily on Joey's commands which are shown on the gauntlet. Without these commands, Heroman is not that great. If you want to fly, hit, or use other powers, they have to show up on the gauntlet and Joey then "slaps" it for Heroman to use that power.

Joey's Gauntlet of Transformation & Power

Pretty much now we have out heroes who now have to muster the strength to fight to save humanity. Can Joey come to grips with his new power while trying to be a teenager in high school? Can he fully control that power he was given or will it be his downfall.?

I have already been informed by my son that we will be adding this to his collection. How about you, are you going to be catching this action yourself?


  1. this series just pissed me off more with every new episode.

  2. @kluxorious ~ saw your blog on the 4th episode (me no watch yet), but I can agree with a lot of what you said. Super-size RAID can would be great.

    I forgot to mention that I wished they would of did a translated version for the US to coincide with the Japan release.

  3. Robot brought to life by lightning, roachy alien invaders, bullied kid gets the power - The Golden Age at its finest.
    Unfortunately it seems I got bored of Heroman. It's just too predictable; until that Lazengann lookalike in the OP does something, I'm skipping out.

  4. @Ningyo ~ I can relate, but my son loves it and is a fun Dad & Son time :)

  5. I kinda like it, but I think the giant raid can and a huge fly swatter would do fine. Heroman is a weird name. They should totally do a US dub, though. and Joey looks like his mum, plus Heroman looks like his dad o.o


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