Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Review: Dorohedoro

Manga: Dorohedoro
Story: Q Hayashida

Art: Q Hayashida

Distributor: VIZ Media

Number Volumes: ?
Price Point: $12.99/volume

I was picking up my latest copy of Dogs: Bullets & Carnage when I saw this one on teh shelf next to it. It is called Dorohedoro and like Dogs, it was wrapped up in plastic. I took a shot of the book on my phone so I could research it later at home.

After reading the 1st Chapter on Manga to Shokan, I will be dropping over to get this at Borders. Seems I am getting a bit more darker in my Manga as this is definitely a step away from my others again - *sign*

This was created by Q. Hayashida (also see Maken X Another & Maken X Another Jack) back in 2001 and she has quite a demented look for this series. She holds nothing back in way of foul language, gore, flying body parts and just damnable weirdness in the character design. Honestly, where do you get a lizard faced character teamed up with a boxom beauty (leave out Dragonball now)? I can see why Borders has this little puppy shrink-wrapped on the shelf. It was just released here, but is up to volume 14 on the other side. You can see a nice interview article with artwork pics over at IKKI.

From what I can tell, in this series you have the Haves (Magic Users) and the Have Nots (can't use magic). Seems the magicians come over to "The Hole" and play havoc with the people who live here. Nothing says loving than to be plucked off the streets for someone evil experiments.

Here we meet Kaiman (or spelled Caiman) and Nikaido. Kaiman who somehow gets a Lizard head, is found by our lovely Nikaido. Poor Kaiman has amnesia and can't remember who he is. He does have a very healthy hated for Magicians however and easy shows that in the first couple of pages. It seems a leader of the Magicians called En is not too happy about what is happening to his subjects. He in turn sends out his crew and of course, all hell breaks loose in "Hole".

Anyone else caught onto this series as yet?

Check out some of the scans from the first chapter below:

Our Lead Kaiman
Our "Heroes"

Starts off Right

Wrong Answer


One of the "Magicians"


  1. I am! but it hasn't been update like a year ago :(

  2. I read a review on this series just yesterday in OtakuUSA, what a coincidence I see your post on it today. My manga series have definitely been getting darker lately. I went from all shoujo and magical girls to a lot of horror/murder mystery series.

  3. @ kluxorious ~ The manga just came out over here, so hopefully she will get started on new entries

    @lovelyduckie ~ I need to keep some of my Manga out of my son's hands now with these.

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ my wife loves seeing faces ripped off. I think she may be reading this after me - ack!


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