Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: Queen's Blade 1/8 Risty Figure

Lets change up the figure shots to one of our favorites - Queen's Blade Risty. Nothing says Loving like a Hot Muscular Babe with a Large Mace. This was a present to myself back during the Christmas Holidays.

I wanted a figure that more reminded me of a sculpture and this one definitely fitted the bill. The pose isn't bad, but I would of preferred something that didn't remind me of a "Runway Model". Still the details on this are stunning and the colors are great.

I have never seen a figure with so much muscular detail that was done correctly. She looks like an ass kicker without looking like a man-woman. Some of her clothes do come off and you can check the link at the bottom for those shots.

So without further a-do, lets get on to the show:

4 Rotating Poses

Random Shots

Infamous Pantsu Shot

For the Money shots, check out my ADULT figure shoots over at Finally Anime. These are NSFW pictures - ack!


  1. My copy sadly didnt catch up to Megahouses usually standards bu its still uch a lovely figure <3

  2. Wow this figure looks amazing!! I love the detail. Ur photos came out really well dude. It makes me want to buy the figure! lol

  3. Wow! Luckily, I clicked on your link! Amazing version two of this statue!

  4. @Blowfish ~ thanks, she is a lovely figure (especially nude)

    @Seantaku ~ I have been working on my picture techniques, but I think I need more lighting

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ THe topless version of her is really stunning and it was fun taking the 2 sets of shots.

  5. I appreciate teh SFW post! Thanks!

  6. That is a nice figure! Have fun. LOL


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